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Roberto S. Rivera

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Roberto S. Rivera


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EL PASO TX 79930
United States
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United States
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My artwork is a spontaneous combustion of raw expression; creativity and nothing else. It reflects my past and present state of the physical, mental and spiritual paths which I have traveled and trek on. It is a reflection of my culture, my thoughts, my dreams, my loves, my fears and our world.
My vision and philosophy is to help create a peaceful world without oppression, poverty, tyranny, war or discrimination through the power of ART! We must investigate the truths and principles of being, of knowledge, and of our human conduct by uncovering the lies and manipulations of humanity.
It is my vision to create art that will not only evoke emotion and thought, but will open the eyes and ears of some of my viewers to the reality of the world in which we all share in hopes of fostering positive change for our future.
La Ventana de Mejet

Roberto S. Rivera La Ventana de Mejet
La Ventana de Mejet
CLASS: Mixed Media
CATEGORY: Abstract
MEDIA: Acrylico y fotos
SIZE: 18x22
YEAR: 2012
PRICE: $$$$$

Roberto S. Rivera Disarm
CLASS: Mixed Media
CATEGORY: Landscape
MEDIA: Acrylico y fotos
SIZE: 16x20
YEAR: 2010
PRICE: $sold
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